Tilly and the Wall – Echo My Love

By , September 6, 2012 10:00 am

Arising out of the same scene that gave birth to such indie mainstays as Bright Eyesthe Faint and Cursive, Omaha, Nebraska natives Tilly and the Wall tended to look at the world through more rose-colored glasses than their contemporaries, as you’d expect from a band with a tap dancer fulfilling the primary percussive role. It was a perspective that fit in nicely on Saddle Creek sister label Team Love, which specialized in the kind of jangly indie pop Tilly and the Wall specialized in, and one that continues to this day after a hiatus of four years from 2008 release OHeavy Mood, their fourth album, is more of the same snotty power pop the quintet have been known for, with back-and-forth boy-girl vocals, gang choruses, and the signature tap dancing of Jamie Presnall (wife of singer/guitarist Derek Presnall – so indie of Montreal played at their wedding). Heavy Mood won’t be released until October 2, but for now check out “Echo My Love,” which takes things in a more shoegazey, contemplative (think ’80s teen romance) direction than much of their more sugary material.

Tilly and the Wall – “Echo My Love”

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